About Is It My Go?

I’m a 43 year old full-time father also studying for a Classics degree. In my spare time I like to further my interest in Antiquity, read novels about American lowlife,  help promote experimental electronic music, and lastly, but not least, play board games.

My narrative of getting into board games is one you’ll find commonly elsewhere. I used to play RPGs and flirted with Games Workshop products as a child. I left the hobby for some time, and then having encountered Settlers of Catan one evening, went straight to BGG and sought out the number 1 game, Twilight Struggle. It all went downhill from there.

This blog is a collection of thoughts about board gaming, including an ongoing observation of my young son’s entrance into the hobby, with reviews in particular on games aimed at children. Although I realise that video blogging is probably the way forward in this realm, I prefer the olden way of words.

I also run a monthly games night at a cafe in our local village and may comment from time to time on its progress.